All KLINT skis are hand made in a sandwich construction using full birch wood cores, triaxial fiberglass, slanted ABS sidewalls and UHMW sintered bases with CAD controlled stone grind. The sole of our skis are totally flat, pre-waxed and come with sharp edges, so just add your favourite bindings and you are good to go.

RAQ - A three dimensional look at ski shapes

REFLECTION APPLIED CONCEPT – Unique to KLINT is our proprietary CAD tool where each ski model is developed with targeted on snow performance characteristics, and those characteristics are extrapolated into each size of the model. When ski length is reduced (for instance going from 172cm to 165cm), all the ski features are reduced according to scale; all of the contact components (edge contact, running surface, etc.) and also the flex index. The result is a ski that is perfectly adapted to each skier’s size, weight and ability - keeping the exact same traits throughout the size range.

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ROCKER SHAPING – In order to provide shapes that delivery the versatility every skier demands, KLINT has developed four unique rocker shapes suited for different conditions, snow, terrain and skier types.

Deep Rocker (Big Mountain) – The deeper the snow and the bigger the mountain the more these skis excel. The low profile early rise of the tip represents 23% of the skis overall length, insuring that the ski will carve nice round turns in powder and never dive in the deep stuff. The center 63% of the ski has 2mm. of traditional camber that provides the energy, rebound and edge grip in varying conditions. The tail has 14% of gradual rise to make sure that you never get hung up finishing a turn.


Classic Rocker (All Mountain) – 50/50, versatility, go anywhere do anything...whatever you want to call it, this is our all mountain solution. KLINT has developed a low profile rise in the tip and tail that allows the skis sidecut to engage all the way to the skis extremities combined with 2mm of traditional camber in the center 69% of the ski for solid edge grip on the front side. The rocker in the tip and tail has been reduced to 31% of the skis length for maneuverability and comfort on the backside.


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